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9 Comments to “Er”

  1. Anonymous says:

    what’s wrong babe?

  2. Flash Lightbringer says:

    hey tiggz, i missed you!

  3. keewhee says:

    hey … are you ok?

  4. Myk2ts says:

    hey! anythin wrong? been following yer blog for sometime now.. can i add you up in my links? thanks hi to pooh.

  5. kiyoshii says:

    hey tiggah.. can i post some of ur photos in our blog?,.,, i just want to mention you in that blog… i’m a fan!

  6. tiggahtigz says:

    sure kiyoshii

  7. kiyoshii says:

    well thanks coz u r such an inspiration…
    i just wanna feature u in my blog on my next couple of post…
    i’m not kyoshii.. im mikal, his boyfriend… i’m not the one in the profile pic… but i know he likes you too especially pooh… say hi to pooh for us.. thannksü
    take care.. u seem stressed lately☺☻♥

  8. Anonymous says:

    im a fan! & a bit worried is ER means Emergency Room! >?< hope not! cheers!

  9. jonas says:

    huh! scorching! dapat private yan! hindi ako makaget over!!!!

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