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Business Trip

I apologize for my lack of posts this week. I’ve been swamped with lots to do because I’ll be leaving tomorrow for a week on a business trip. I don’t like being behind in my work so I had much to do before I departed.

Where am I going? Well, where else would be perfect to mix business with pleasure than the fabulous city of sin!

Las Vegas!!!

I’m very excited because it will be my first time going to Las Vegas over the age of 21. I’ve been there once but I was there just to dance (for those of you that don’t know I was a dancer – no, there were no thongs and poles involved) and I wasn’t “of age” and didn’t really get to enjoy all that the city had to offer.

This time, I’ll have a whole week to soak in all the excitement! What’s really great, is that ALL EXPENSES and ACCOMODATIONS ARE PAID! Wuhoo! Free boose!!!

Unfortunately, Pooh can’t come along :( He’s our company’s director of advertising/graphic designer and our marketing department is not joining us on our trip. Only a select few of us in my department were selected to attend.

I’m pretty nervous about the flight. I’ve never been on a plane before so my anxiety is starting to act up. My co-workers said they’ll be getting me drunk before we get on the plane so I guess it’ll be ok. Anyway, I don’t want to think about it much. Moving on…

I’ll be staying at the beautiful Bellagio hotel. They sent us an itinerary of things we’ll be doing and it all sounds very fun :)

I’ll try my best to post from my phone. And of course, I’ll post all the details when I return.


Morning Wood :)

I’ve been been debating whether or not to blog this but I figured…fuck it!

After a night of drinking and crazy partying out with our friends, Pooh and I went to sleep. I often like to strip down in the buff whenever I get intoxicated. It was hot, so Pooh slept in his undies. Pooh and I snuggled and passed out :)

The next morning, I awoke with an extremely massive erection (haha…I always thought it was funny when I’d read “massive” as an adjective describing male genitalia). It felt nice to wake up with Pooh wrapped in my arms. I love the feeling of his back pressed against my chest; the way our skin would softly rub against eachother. I was pleasantly surprised when I reached down and discovered that he too was having a “good morning”. I thought I’d help him release some tension and stroke it for him a bit.

Before we knew it…one thing led to another…
(of course, my camera phone happened to be charging at my bedside)

UPDATE 10/26/07 – some reason the images were not visible because I had re-organized my images in my Flickr and so my image locations were not accurate. They are available for view now.

I know I left very little to the imagination…but I really like the images and thought it’d be a shame not to share =X

And yes, I know. Pooh is hot :)

There’s nothing more than a good hard pounding to get a guy up and ready for a long day’s work!


Vacation Recap Pt. 3 – Shopping

The thing I was looking forward to the most when it came to going to San Francisco was going shopping! I was sooo excited!

We went to Union Square several times throughout the week to do some shopping.

Of course, we checked out the mall…

Their food court is huge!!!

We did some shopping in the city and got a couple things here n there :)

I picked up some martini glasses…I thought they looked cool so I figured I’d get the set haha

Cutty…(inside joke)

We also went to Haight Street to do some shopping…

and we just had to stop by Amoeba Music!

Some of you have been curious as to where we got our jackets…

The one Pooh was wearing is a Triple 5 Soul Jacket that we got right before we left for SF. We got it at an awesome store in San Diego called Mesh.

The jacket I was wearing was from H&M. I LOVE THAT STORE!!!

We also got a G-star Raw Jacket.

Isn’t Pooh so frikkin adorable?! :)
well, you cant really see what the jacket looks like…but it’s a really nice jacket!

I really wanted to get some nice shoes but I couldn’t find any that I liked. We went to a whole lot of stores everywhere looking for shoes, but to no avail. ::sigh:: Perhaps I’m just a bit too picky. Pooh Got some nice new shoes though…

We picked up some great gear while we were up in SF! We went everywhere!

Some stores that were memorable were H&M, Bloomingdales at Union Center, Zara, Tourneau, Kid Robot, Urban Outfitters, American Rag, Ben Sherman (although disappointing), True Clothing on Haight St., Safeway (for all the late night alcohol runs), Macy’s, Aididas, and the Gift shop in the Crowne Plaza that charged rediculous amounts of money for snacks. C’mon…4 bucks for a single Cup ‘O Noodles?! Wtf (o.O)

Anyway, I can’t wait to go shopping in the bay again! Unfortunately, I don’t have that many pics of us going shopping so that’s it for now. Keep your eyes open for Pt. 4 – Nightlife! It’s definitely exciting!


Vacation Recap Pt. 2 – Lodging

So I have about 300+ images from our trip to San Francisco…and I feel a bit overwhelmed when I think about blogging about my trip. I really want to share every detail but I guess it would be a bit lengthy. However, it is my blog…so I guess it doesn’t matter? :) Well, I care a lot about my readers and I definitely don’t want to bore you guys, so I’ll post in segments!

Anyway, as I mentioned in my previous post, we were invited to teach Culture Shock Oakland and provide them with choreography for their new set. Since we had paid vacation days saved up, we decided to make it a week stay to enjoy the bay! We decided to leave right after work wednesday night. We had to pick up our friend Jeremy in Long Beach along the way…so we didn’t actually head out for San Francisco until 11:30pm.


It was a nice, long, 7 hour drive. WOW!

We finally arrived…mmmm….IHOP

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Foster City. Why Foster City? I don’t know…but the drive to everywhere we went wasn’t too bad.

To be Continued…

Stay tuned for Pt. 3 – Shopping in The Bay! and Pt. 4 – Nightlife!


Vacation Recap Pt 1.

Some of you may be wondering why we chose San Francisco as our vacation destination. The main reason was because we were invited to teach Culture Shock Oakland a routine for their set. Since we had vacation days, we figured it’d be a great opportunity to teach a class and enjoy San Francisco while were there. They had offered to provide plane tickets…but I haven’t flown before and therefore have somewhat of an anxiety (I don’t want to call it “fear”) towards taking an airplane. So they got us a nice rental and enough for gas :) Since we got a rental, we figured it’d be a great roadtrip and so we invited 2 of our friends to join us. And what better two people than our good buddies Tribal and Jeremy!

Lol…no, they’re not a couple.

Anyway, for this post I thought I’d share video of our choreography. We only had to teach them thursday night for 2 hours, so we still had the whole week to vacation, have fun, and relax!

This first piece was choreographed by both Pooh and I. Here’s one of just me running it with the group. Can you see me? I’m in the one in the front wearing the black jacket.

Here’s one of just Pooh and I running the piece.

Here’s one of both Pooh and I running the piece with the group.

This next piece was choreographed by me. It’s funny because I made the whole routine in my head during our drive up to San Francisco from San Diego. We were pretty worried because I’ve never actually physically danced the routine or seen it with mirrors until we got to the studio and taught them.

Here’s me running part of the piece with them.

And Pooh and I running part of the piece with them as well.

I had other footage but they didn’t turn out quite as well – bad angles and people blocking the mirrors etc. Anyway, that’s a little snippet of what we did in San Francisco. There’s more to come!

If you’re really impatient. You can check out my all of the pics from our vacation in my Flickr Collection here. There’s a whole lot of pics!


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