“I’ll Miss You” Dinner

Pooh and I wanted to have a special night together before I leave today for my business trip. Pooh and I are always together and never spend much time apart.

This will be the LONGEST we’ll ever be away from eachother and I am going to miss him soooo much! (I love you Pooh!)

Pooh and I had an “I’ll Miss You Dinner” at Kemo Sabe in Hillcrest. It was a beautiful dinner and by far one of the best dinners we’ve had in so long! The food was amazing! Our server was quite the hottie as well :)

I had the Skirts on Fire…OMG Delicious!!!

Pooh had a new entree but I forget the name of it…but it was a BBQ Chicken. It was soooooo good!

We had a great night. I’ll definitely miss pooh while I’m gone. Keep your eyes open for my phone posts!

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11 Comments to ““I’ll Miss You” Dinner”

  1. JOSH says:

    a sumptuous dinner, yummy… dat makes me hungry. Bon Voyage tigah! take care pooh

  2. sardonicnell says:

    the food looks delicious as the two of you, tiggah and pooh!

    sorry to hear that you guys will be apart for a little while. maybe you can make up for it when you get back, tiggah!

    have a safe trip =)

  3. Jared says:

    It looks like a FROG .
    That’s some rice pilaf there,then watermelon (maybe), etc.

  4. joey says:


    distances makes the heart grow fonder..(or is it absence?)…never mindlah…

    anyway..I believe you will have a ball of fun when you go to Las Vegas…

    I never say hi to you?..don’t you..?

    so…HI…and hope I can be your friends..


  5. Hazen says:

    Been away traveling, and missed the blog.

    Hmm…so interesting to see the development over the years. And time to tell Tiggs (and Pooh) this is the best real blog there is.

  6. Quentin X says:

    Was that photo of a BBQ chicken the entree? That’s huge! How big were the mains?

  7. GLENN says:

    it made me hungry… oh boy… enjoy your vegas trip Tiggah….

  8. The Room Occupant - MACKY says:

    good luck on your business trip…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I must commend you both for being food enthusiasts. I admire your food tripping adventures and in the process able to recommend the best foods available on that side of California. Being a Filipino myself, I must say that I am also proud of your exploits as young and liberated urban Fil-AM professionals in the U.S. MABUHAY KA PINOYS!!!

    All the Best…

    DR. NOBEL@berkeley

  10. ron says:

    hi hi!
    i just came upon your blog in manila gay guy about a week ago and i must say that i really loved it…
    i just wanna say that seeing you two together made me realize how much i love my partner… =)
    now i appreciate him more…
    thanks to you tiggah…

  11. humbuged says:

    Wow, you both are smexy :) New fan here, hello! :)

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