Morning Wood :)

I’ve been been debating whether or not to blog this but I figured…fuck it!

After a night of drinking and crazy partying out with our friends, Pooh and I went to sleep. I often like to strip down in the buff whenever I get intoxicated. It was hot, so Pooh slept in his undies. Pooh and I snuggled and passed out :)

The next morning, I awoke with an extremely massive erection (haha…I always thought it was funny when I’d read “massive” as an adjective describing male genitalia). It felt nice to wake up with Pooh wrapped in my arms. I love the feeling of his back pressed against my chest; the way our skin would softly rub against eachother. I was pleasantly surprised when I reached down and discovered that he too was having a “good morning”. I thought I’d help him release some tension and stroke it for him a bit.

Before we knew it…one thing led to another…
(of course, my camera phone happened to be charging at my bedside)

UPDATE 10/26/07 – some reason the images were not visible because I had re-organized my images in my Flickr and so my image locations were not accurate. They are available for view now.

I know I left very little to the imagination…but I really like the images and thought it’d be a shame not to share =X

And yes, I know. Pooh is hot :)

There’s nothing more than a good hard pounding to get a guy up and ready for a long day’s work!

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  1. Demnyx says:

    hmm i missed this one!


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