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At the Beach

Pooh and I went to the beach this past sunday. I love cloudy days :) There’s something about the lugubriousness of a cloudy day that calms and relaxes me. It was pretty cold n windy…I shoulda brought a thicker jacket…brrrrRrRrr.

The full set can be located on my Flickr Page here.


Pooh’s Early Bday Present!

Pooh’s birthday is coming up next month; May 14th. I got him a new camera that he has been wanting, a Nikon N80. We decided to go out and get it now since I accidentally dropped his old one and he has a photoshoot coming up this week. It wasn’t my fault! We were “making love” and his camera was at the edge of the table next to the bed and my foot accidentally knocked it over. I didn’t know he put it there! (>.<) Anyway, he's been wanting to upgrade so I decided to go and get him the one he really wanted. He was so very happy! He was like a little boy opening a birthday present early Christmas morning. Like with my K800i, we both share a checking/savings so technically we both paid for it. My money is Pooh's money and Pooh's money is mine. It's a great camera and Pooh will take awesome pictures with it. I'm happy that he got it! Pooh took some pics of me at the beach with his new camera yesterday and they turned out really great. I'll post those soon :)


Sunday at the Beach

Pooh and I had some yummy Taco’s and Shrimp Ceviche at Lalo’s in Hillcrest for lunch.

It was such a beautfiul day that we decided to hang out at the Beach in La Jolla. Pooh took some awesome shots with his NEW camera (which I’ll post about soon).



Birthday Recap pt.2

Pooh and I went to Bondi with my sister and some friends after work. It was fun! The drinks were good and the food was AMAZING! I’ve never had Australian Cuisine before and it was a great experience. It was delicious!


Me n my Sister

It was a great night! I had an awesome birthday. And to top it off…Pooh and I had a great night together :)


Birthday Recap!

I’d like to thank everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes and comments :) I had an awesome birthday! We’ll still be celebrating my birthday with friends today and tomorrow. Here’s a recap of my birthday on Friday, April 20, 2007.

Like any other day…I woke up, took a shower, and got ready for work :) I had yogurt w/ blueberries and granola for breakfast…yum!

Whenever we have a birthday at work, we usually have a little celebration before closing; along with the birthday persons’s favorite cake and a card full of money (Each person in the company contributes however much they’d like for the card). For my birthday, I was quite surprised when they presented me with a wonderful bottle of Avalon 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon (which is amazing btw), my favorite brownies from Uncle Biffs (I don’t like cake, I prefer yummy chewy brownies), Mimosas (Champagne & Orange Juice), a card full of $$$ (All I can say is…WOW).

Another great surprise was a gift from some co-workers…a beautiful Hamilton timepiece! I’ve been thinking of getting one for quite some time now and it was great that they had remembered. I’m guessing Pooh had given them some hints :) It’s pretty expensive (original retail: $1,045.00) so I’m very very very happy! I absolutely love it! Of course…nothing beats my gift from Pooh.

After work, Pooh and I headed to Bondi in downtown to meet with my sister and some friends for drinks and a bite to eat! (see Birthday Recap pt.2)


Best Birthday Ever!

I had an awesome birthday! Thanks so much for the great comments and birthday wishes! I have so much to share but am much too tired…it’s been a long day. I’ll post as soon as I can…theres lots and lots and lots of pictures :)


Celebration of MEEH!

It’s 12:08am…I’m now officially 24 years old :)


oh…and it’s tigguhh’s bday too :)


OOooOOh Shiny!

It has a pretty large face and I’m more into bracelets opposed to straps but I think its purrrty!

here’s a better quality image from the website…


Cafe One Three

patio 2catering
images courtesy Cafe One Three

Pooh and I went to Cafe One Three for dessert and wine after work. It’s a new place that is located on Park Blvd where Indulgence, a low-carb/sugar-free bakery and cafe, used to be. Pooh and I used to go to Indulgence for their sugar-free dark chocolate truffles and their low-carb cheesecake. They were AWESOME! The owner used to call us his cheesecake boys because we would always go there just for cheesecake…and well, being 2 asian “thuggy” gay boys wearing baggy hip-hop gear ordering low-carb cheesecake, we weren’t that hard to forget. Anyway, we were quite surprised when we discovered that our favorite charming little low carb bakery was no longer there and that it had been remodeled into a stylishly modern restaurant/cafe. I will definitely miss the old Indulgence though!

I took some pics with my phone but the lighting was very dim…and the ambiance was much too nice to disrupt with a flash. Although, popping out a camera to take pictures of food is quite strange no? Perhaps we’ll sneak some better quality images in daylight…so we definitely must go there again!

I had an Eclectic White Wine – Dancing Coyote Cha Cha

I honestly can’t remember what it was called…but it was a cholate khalua type cake…very yummy!

Oreo Cookie Cheese Cake….simply scrumptulescent!


Just Around the Corner!

So my birthday is coming up! It’s just around the corner, this friday, April 20th! I’m actually not too excited because I don’t have anything planned and I’m not sure what we’ll be doing to celebrate. I do know that we’ll be eating out at a nice restaurant though, cuz y’know, I love fine dining and my Pooh spoils me :) Pooh had set up a huge birthday party for me last year – I’ll post pics of it soon! This year, I’m thinking I’d rather not do something so high maintenance. It was CRAAAZY last year! It was the biggest birthday party I ever had. Unfortunately, things are a bit different this year and I haven’t seen most of my friends in a while since work has been consuming most of my time. I don’t know how things will go this year…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see :)

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