Every now and then we get together with our friends on a Tuesday to make lunch or dinner. Originally, we would make tacos and margaritas, which eventually, evolved into more of an amalgamation/potluck. This recent Tuesday we unfortunately skipped Taco Tuesday. Instead, we watched the movie Barbie and went out for drinks afterwards. I really liked the movie!

The Tuesday before last, Pooh and I cooked Kakuni Pork for dinner for our friends. Well, Pooh did most of the cooking that is. Our friend Jo brought over some delicious homemade ahi tuna poke. Our buddy David brought over a bunch of meats and cheeses. He kind of went all-out so we put together a fancy shmancy charcuterie board! LOL. I told them to just bring over a light snack that we can munch on while the Kakuni was cooking, but it turned out to be a massive meal before the main course! We were stuffed and in a food coma afterwards! Fun times. :)

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