To all my OG blog readers (and newbies too)

I just want to say thank you for sticking around all these years. I know I haven’t been life blogging as much as I used to. I guess I felt like days have been a bit repetitive and monotonous lately so, in my mind, there hasn’t been anything really exciting to blog about 😅. (Well, besides the amazing collabs we’ve been having recently).

This blog means a lot to me. I’ve had it for so long and I’ve really poured a lot of myself into it. I mean, literally, you can see every inch of my body on this website/blog. 🤣

There was a time a long time ago when I started it not knowing if anyone actually read or looked at my blog, but as time passed by, more and more people would send me a message or a comment saying that my blog has inspired them in some kind of way. A lot of them say that they admire mine and Pooh’s relationship and that it gives them hope and inspiration to find a love like ours. It also gives some that don’t live in areas that are accepting of homosexuality some encouragement that it’s ok to be gay. Live your fabulous gay life! I wouldn’t want anyone to be put in danger for being gay, so please do take care of yourself if you are in a situation where it isn’t safe to be gay. ❤ Sometimes we might have family that doesn’t accept us for being gay. Always know you are loved and you can always surround yourself with people that do accept you. To quote RuPaul, “You know, we as gay people, we get to choose our family. We get to choose the people we’re around. You know what I’m saying?”

I didn’t think I’d make an impact with my blog…but it really makes me happy to know some people get something positive from it. It really motivates me to continue posting and sharing the many happy and random moments in my life. That’s why I made it, so I could share the digital memories I have so I can look back and reminisce. 😁 That and I was a bit of an exhibitionist camera whore lol, so there’s that. 😅🤣

For those of you that are new and maybe just stumbled onto my humble blog, thank you for being here as well! 😁 I hope you’ll check out some older posts and maybe even read the OUR STORY posts about how Pooh and I met. Hopefully you’ll stick around and love this blog as much as I do. ❤

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