So after weeks of waiting to see a hand specialist, I finally had an appointment to see him on Wednesday. When I got there, they said said couldn’t see me because I had to do this all though workers comp since it is mostly work related. They said I have to file a claim through my HR and then set up an appointment. Ugh! I wish someone would of told me when I first saw my primary doctor who gave me the referral to the hand specialist! Now I have to wait even longer to get my hands fixed. 😫😭😫. Sigh. 😩 It just sucks because I can’t use my hands at work much without them cramping up and I can’t even work out. Luckily I have an assistant at work and she’s been so sweet doing almost all my work for me in the meanwhile. Pooh has also been very sweet and has been doing everything for me as well. I feel so lazy and spoiled! 😅🤣😂. I submitted a claim right away when I got to work so hopefully this all gets handled quickly!

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