Pooh and I have been working like crazy since late November so we needed to take some time off from our day jobs. I’ve been so stressed and was starting to feel burned out. Each year after the holidays we would usually take a week vacation in January or February and travel somewhere but we decided to just do a staycation somewhere local. Aside from relaxing, we also used this as an opportunity to create more content for our website/onlyfans. Luckily that kind of work isn’t too much like working, so we didn’t mind “working” during our vacation. 😁😉😁 I think we got some good stuff…we’ve got quite a bit of editing to do!

We spent most of the time in our hotel room drinking and watching movies. We ordered lots of takeout, got a bottle of expensive cheap wine 😂, and had our own little dance party in our room. Good times!

We got a drink at the bar while we were waiting on our takeout order. Feels like we haven’t had a drink at a bar in ages!

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