Happy holidays from our home to yours! Pooh and I wish all of you guys a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year. We wish we could be celebrating with our friends and family, but because of covid, Pooh and I are sending our love and celebrating from home. Pooh stopped by his mom’s to pickup tons of food on Christmas Eve, and I’ll be stopping by my sister’s house later today to drop off some gifts…and to pickup lots of food as well.

Unfortunately, our visits are quick and from a distance. I am hoping this pandemic gets under control soon so we can all spend quality time with our loved ones again. Pooh and I got dressed today and are having our own little party/celebration at home. Of course we had to do a little photoshoot since we were all dressed up. Now that the holidays are over (almost, still got New Years just around the corner), Pooh and I will have more time to make content. I’m excited! I have a lot of plans for the new year ! I hope you all have an amazing day! Be safe, take care, and be happy!

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