(Late post! Pics are from last night)

We didn’t arrive at our AirBnB until late (like around 10pm-ish).  So of course the first thing we did was hop in the hot tub.  It was frikkin freezing out so I kind of didn’t wanna, but since Pooh is such a dolphin he really wanted to get in the water.  If it weren’t our anniversary I would of been like “absolutely not” and stayed inside…but because I love him I was like FIIIIINE. 😑.

It wouldn’t heat up much so we didn’t stay in the hot tub for too long. We tried again today but it wouldn’t heat up at all. Our airBnB host sent the hot tub guy over to fix it. He said it’ll need to heat overnight and it should be good to go by tomorrow. We didn’t mind it since we have plenty of other things to keep us busy. :)

“Yaaay” 😑

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