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#flexfriday (preview)

Here’s a clip of me doing some curls sprinkled with naked curls cuz.. It’s #flexfriday! Stay motivated! Let get pumped! View the full naked version in the members section or


Leg Day (preview)

Just finished my hour workout of squats, calf raises, lunges, etc. I hate leg day but you can’t skip it! Full gallery in the members section or!



Me too Gizmo, me too…

Gettin Hot (previews)

Here’s the video from our last photo shoot. It was getting hot but instead of cooling off we made it hotter. 😏 (Full video in the members section or


Memorial Day Workout (preview)

There’s no rest even though it’s a holiday. Gotta get a workout in! But I can take a quick break 😏


Is it Summer Yet? (preview)

It’s been getting a little hot in sunny San Diego so we had to cool off by the fan. Full photo set on or the members section.


How We Met (pooh’s story)

The big questions! How did you guys meet? How did you guys stay together for so long!? 19 years! Crazy huh? Well here’s my story…

I was born a navy brat. Born in Hawaii, moved to Lemoore, Guam, Long Beach, San Diego, Sasebo Japan, Yokosuka Japan then back to San Diego where I live now.

I never had a lot of friends. I was always shy. An introvert. It didn’t help that I was moving around every 2 to 3 years growing up. Move to a new place, have to try and make friends, then I leave. I always felt lonely.

When I moved back to San Diego from Yokosuka, Japan I was a senior in high school. Picture that situation. New senior in high school, no friends and everyone already had their tight crew with no room for anyone new. I mean it’s their last year of high school and they want to spend it with their besties. I had to spend my last year of high school as loner.

Fearing being alone for my last year of high school I did something I never thought I would do since I was an introvert. I joined an extracurricular activity. And what did I join? Choir. I love music and although the thought of performing scared the hell out of me, I just thought it was time to express myself in something I love. That’s where Tiggah comes in.

Tigz looked like a bad boy raver when I first met him. He would come in late with his large JNCO jeans and backpack lined with glows sticks. Sometimes he wouldn’t show up at all. But I always noticed him. I thought he was soooo cute! Mind you at that time I was struggling with my identity. I was still ‘straight.’

I grew up in a Navy family. Back then being gay wasn’t as accepted as it is today especially in a navy household and environment. I guess I knew I was gay but just suppressed it because I was scared to be out.

A few months go by and it’s prom time. I end up asking who turned out to be one of his best friends, a girl to prom. I asked her because she was so nice to me and I had no one to ask. Me and Tigz end up hanging out in the same group although we didn’t talk much. He had his girl date too. Prom ends and no it’s not a get lucky at prom situation. I go home by myself.

Cut to a few weeks after that, we have our last choir performance. Some of the members were talking about hitting up an underground rave. Ive never been to one. Sounded fun. So as I was getting ready to go home he and his friends ask me if I was interested in going. I got out of my shell for a second and said ‘yeah sure.’ We go to this rave and I finally got to feel what living was. I was surrounded by a group of people that loved each other and just wanted to have fun and do bad things. You know, what you are supposed to do as a teenager. From that moment we hung out a lot. Parties, video games, movies all of the fun things I missed growing up moving everywhere. Then I became close to Tigz and we hung out all the time.

Our first home made dinner with each other! 😊

I was still ‘straight.’ Tigz would introduce me to new guys every two months or so always saying it was his ‘best friend from out of town’ or something along the lines of that. It was apparant he was dating these guys but he was in the closet as well. Well he finally mustered up the strength to come out. I may have gotten this wrong but even though I was his new friend, I was one of the one he came out to first. I was like fuck! He came out to me! Do I? Hmmm. I wasn’t ready.

Tigz, one guy after another, was having trouble finding someone that really cared about him. The guys he dated were assholes and Tigz was just the nicest guy. It broke my heart to see his heart break over and over again. He gave up on guys. So what did he do? He dated a girl who he says he fell in love with but wasn’t sexually attracted to her. Of course we all know Tigz has a massive sex drive so he was caught with a predicament.

I too at the time dated a girl. Really sweet girl. Super pretty. I tried to tell myself I was straight but I couldn’t get myself to have sex with her. Maybe fingered her but I couldn’t fuck her. We were in college at the time and I thought OK this is college. I should do the college thing and explore myself.

Both of us dating these girls, I decided to come out to Tigz. Mind you we became best friends for 2 years and I was his straight friend for those 2 years. I wasn’t expecting for him to just like me after coming out to him. I mean I wasn’t the most good looking guy that time. My face full of pimples and I was a lot heavier guy back then.

I come out to him. He doesn’t believe me. He actually denies it! He thought I was fucking around with him. Playing a joke. I didn’t know how to make him realize I wasn’t playing. I asked if I could borrow some VHS porn. Yeah the internet wasn’t as big as it is now lol. He came by looking nervous and he was like are you sure? I said yeah, I’m gay! Lol. He lends me Brandon Lee’s ‘With Sex you get Eggroll.’ who remembers that legendary video!? He leaves. I jerk off to it. A lot! He calls and ask me if I’ve watched it and I tell him yeah. Jerked off to it numerous times.

A few days pass by and we decide to hang out. We just wanted to talk. Of course we talked about me really being gay. I could tell he was nervous. I could see it in his eyes whenever he did look at me. It was hard for him to look at me. We park at a baseball field and recline our seats to look through the sunroof. The sunroof was closed and realized we were gazing upon the reflections of our bulges through our pants. Upon that realization we quickly put our seats back up laughing nervously.

Ive never had a boyfriend. I wouldn’t even consider the girl I was with at the time a real girlfriend. It was only for two weeks. So what came next was out of my element.

How does this introvert prove to this experienced gay man that he IS gay?

I say I’ll prove it and lean in for a kiss. We pull back. His face covered in nerve and confusion. We look at each other like is this really happening? We lean in for another kiss that turned into a full make out. There we were at a baseball field parking lot at night making out. He pulls out my dick and starts sucking me off. Fuck it felt so good. I take his dick out and I suck him off. My first gay experience. Pretty much my first sexual experience in general. A Car comes up so we stop. The only thing on our minds is we gotta keep this going.

We park in numerous places. On different streets having to move when someone comes by, even in a navy base that I thought would be deserted because it was so late. We basically had crazy passionate sex all over San Diego.

Thinking this was a one off thing he didn’t want to leave his girlfriend. I instantly fell in love and wanted to be with him. I broke up with my girlfriend which was so hard to do because I’ve never hurt anyone like that before. I asked Tigz to do the same. I told him I know how all the other guys treated him and I would be different. I really meant it and still mean it to this day. I will treat him like the most important thing in my life. I will never make him feel any less than what he is worth and he is worth everything. He eventually came around to it and the rest is history. We’d go to each other’s houses when the parents weren’t home and just fuck like rabbits. We were still young but I knew I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. He’s my first and my last and it will always be that way.

We’ve had our ups and downs and boy were the downs sometimes pretty bad but we always knew we had to take care of each other. We worked through the hard parts and 18 years later I couldn’t be more happier. Being able to share our lives and even our intimate moments has been amazing and love how we help people with their relationships. I think it helped ours too to be able to look at our relationship from an outside perspective.

I have never fallen out of love with him and never will. I love you bah bah (that’s what we call each other).

So now, how 19 years? That will be in another future post. Part 2! Please comment below on your thoughts! I’d love to hear what you guys think! Once again much love for you guys and thank you for continuing to be on the journey with us! ❤️❤️❤️



Not sure how but our onlyfans account got hacked. They tried sending messages to people asking for money. They also said that Pooh and I broke up. So frikkin weird. Not sure why someone would do something like this. Anyway, if you received weird messages and saw the posts from this morning…that definitely was not us. Now I’m wondering who’s in New York that would be hating on us…. Hmmm. 🤔🤔🤔

I guess you’ve made it when you got haters and people trying to sabotage you. 😂😂😂

Thankfully we had some amazing fans that contacted us to let us know something was fishy. We changed our passwords and enabled the 2step verification process on it to prevent this from happening again.


On My Knees (preview)

Finished a workout at the gym and did a lil flexin on my knees among other stuff 💪😏. Full video in the members section or


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