Pooh and I went to Hawaii with our bestie Russ. We have so many pictures from the trip so I’m just gonna try to post about each day in several posts.

Day 1 of our trip was on a Wednesday. Our flight got delayed but it was fine…it was only an hour delay and we were having fun having drinks at the airport bar until our flight. 😁

We also had drinks on the plane 😁

Pooh wanted thought it’d be nice to go full tourist mode so we rented a convertible. It was nice driving everywhere with the top down. 😁

We stayed at The Modern in Honolulu. Our room was nice and we had a somewhat great view.

On our first night we wanted to just be chill and not get too crazy so that we can enjoy the next day. We planned on going for a hike and go to a beach. We went to a few gay bars in Honolulu and had dinner at Aloha Table. I’ll be doing a post on each of the places we went to for food.

Here’s a couple more photos from our first day/night. I didn’t take that many on the first day.

We did some shopping and picked up a few things at 88tees. Pooh and I are fans of the show, Terrace House, so we wanted to pick up some cute clothes to bring back to SD. The last time we were in Hawaii we got to meet and take photos with Avian! She wasn’t there this time but we found some nice threads. We decided to flaunt some of it out on our first night out.

Day 1 was nice and chill. We had a lot of fun just walking around and taking it all in on the first day. Day 2 we went for a hike, went to turtle beach, stuffed our faces at Giovanni’s, and went out for drinks at night. I’ll be doing a post on it soon! 😁