Hello my beloved members and subscribers! I just received some sad news today and, unfortunately, we’ll need to temporarily close my Member’s section for new signups. Existing Member’s who have already joined will still have access to the Member’s section and will not be charged the recurring monthly fee. There’s a hiccup with my payment gateway but I hope to have it fixed soon. I apologize for the inconvenience. I’m pretty bummed out about it since it’s my blog’s birthday and Pooh and My anniversary coming up so I wanted to do something special for the Member’s section. Thank you guys for your continued support. I hope this issue gets resolved quickly. It being the weekend I might have to wait until next week to get this all taken care of.

*Update: 10/26/19*

Looks like things will go back to normal sooner than I thought. I’ve having issues with my payment gateway and it could be the cause of the “Failed Payment” error some of you have been receiving. Hopefully this all fixes it! I was freaking out yesterday but it looks like things will be ok. Phew!

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