UPDATE: I’m ok kinda lol

So I saw my doctor yesterday. Luckily nothing major. Just pretty bad scrapes n bruises. We took xrays to make sure nothing was broken or fractured just in case. He said he was going to call me today if anything bad showed up so since I haven’t heard anything I guess no news is goood news. Sucky thing is EVERYTHING HURTS and I get very dizzy/light headed every now n then. Womp womp. I took Tuesday and Wednesday off to rest all day but had to go back to work Thursday because I had stuff I needed to take care of. Can’t wait to spend the weekend doing nothing. Anyway, I hope to edit the videos we took over the weekend this weekend when I’m feeling better. Hopefully the scars heal up better so we can film again soon too.

Pooh’s been great at being my care taker/ nurse. It almost seems like foreshadowing what’s to come when we’re both old. I’ll be broken and crippled while he’s fit as a fiddle and taking care of me and my every need. He does everything for me without question. He even took time off too so he could take care of me at home. He loves me so much. I love him.

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  • nycfan
    September 14, 2019

    Ow! Feel better!