Hello my beloved Member’s Only subscribers! A few of you might have received a Failed Payment notification via email. With the help of a one of my subscribers, we finally figured out why it was happening.

If you are receiving this failed payment notice, you’ll need to contact your bank to ask them why it is declining the charge. It is most likely they are declining the charge because they think it is fraudulent activity. With your approval they’ll allow the charge to go through. What a pain, but a good thing because those things are in place for your protection! 😁

Anyway, please resolve the issue when you can. I will be disabling all accounts with failed payment status. If your account gets manually cancelled, you’ll need to re-sign up. If you resolve the issue before I’m able to cancel your account, the site will automatically re-attempt the transaction and you should be fine. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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