Hai errryone!

Hey guys I hope you are enjoying the site so far. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I was a little scared to even be a part of this but you know I’ve always had an exhibitionist side to me. I know a lot of you have seen my old videos that have surfaced up from when I did iFriends. Is that even still up anymore? Anyways… I look a lot different now. I’ve worked hard on my body so why not share it with you guys? I don’t have a lot of self confidence but who cares what I feel about myself. What matters is you guys enjoy me. I’ll be posting a lot more on this site. I’m sure you guys have seen my #progressreport updates on Instagram. I’ll be posting a lot of x-rated versions and videos to go along with it here so lucky you! Lol. Well here is a hello to tiggahslife video from me (for members only.. Just a screenshot for everyone else 😛. Join to watch it). What kind of things would you like to see. I’m pretty open to a lot of things. Doesn’t hurt to ask. Let’s have a little fun… 😈

What do you think?

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  • nycfan
    June 7, 2019

    Love seeing your hot body! One request is that I would love to see you give Tiggah a facial.

    • Pooh
      June 8, 2019

      I can definately do that 😁