Pooh and I decided to try something new this weekend. We went to Woomiok in Clairemont to try their Bone Broth soup. We ordered a seafood pancake to start and Pooh got the Kimchi Beef Bulgogi hot pot. I ordered the Spicy Bone Broth with Brisket, which was delicious, but I think I should of ordered the regular one so I could drink all of the soup. Although the broth to the Spicy one was delicious, I don’t think I can eat all of that spicy broth without any repercussions.

Surprisingly the seafood pancake was my favorite of the 3 things we got. There were plenty of pieces of seafood and I liked the crispness since it came out on a hot skillet. It also came with a yummy spicy dipping sauce.

Bulgogi was good too, but it was bulgogi…so nothing I haven’t tried before. The kimchi made the rice and everything taste really good though. The sweetness of the Bulgogi went really well with the sour and spice of the Kimchi.

I recommend checking the place out. There’s a couple dishes I still wanna try out so we’ll definitely be stopping by again soon. 😁

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