It’s Pooh’s birthday today!

Unfortunately, both Pooh and I had a very a pretty horrible cold so we stayed in all weekend. We’re off on Mondays and we both felt better so I took Pooh out to celebrate his birthday. We watched Wine Country on Netflix over the weekend (which was hilarious!) so I thought it’d be great to take a trip to Temecula and go wine tasting. It was such a beautiful day so the drive was nice, and the wineries were pretty much empty since it was a Monday. We had so much fun hanging out n getting buzzed off wine lol.

After hitting up about 3 wineries we went to Pechanga to gamble a bit. Prolly wasn’t a good idea since we didn’t win and we lost a couple hundred but we had fun.

For dinner, Pooh wanted to have Japanese BBQ so we went to Gyukaku. For how much we ordered we might as well have gotten the All-You-Can-Eat meals. I kept saying I was full and couldn’t eat anymore, but why did I order more meats when the waitress asked if we wanted anything else?? Also, the jumbo sake that we ordered felt like it was never ending!

I hope you had an amazing Bday weekend Pooh! Love you!

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