420 Birthday Weekend In LA/Weho

I celebrated my birthday with friends last weekend in LA/West Hollywood. 2 of my besties share the same birthday (April 20th). I had an amazing time, from what I can rememeber that is!

I wasn’t going to celebrate my birthday this year because we were supposed to go to Japan during my birthday weekend but plans fell through. Pooh felt bad so he got us a nice little hotel last minute so we can do a weekend mini getaway and party with my friends. I got to celebrate with good friends and also met some new friends.

The weekend was a crazy fun filled blur . We stayed at The Grafton on Sunset and bar hopped around West Hollywood on Friday night. Well, we were supposed to that is. We started the night at Trunks and got stuck there.

Saturday night we decide to venture off to Downtown LA. I’ve never partied in DTLA before so I was pretty excited to try something new. I met some pretty cool people and made a couple new friends at some of the places we went to so I’m glad we went.

Sunday funday was another day and night spent in Weho. Yea we went to the same bars but it’s who you’re with not where you’re at that makes it fun. 😁

We were supposed to head back home on Monday but Pooh forgot our car keys in a friend’s car who happened to live 2 hours away from us. One of our friends also forgot his wallet in another friend’s car, who also lived in the same area. After finally meeting up to get our stuff we finally arrived back at home Tuesday morning around 4am. It was quite an exhausting day. What a frikkin ordeal. All that aside, I still had an incredible birthday weekend. I’m so thankful to have spent it with good company.

I didn’t take too many photos from the weekend but here’s what I found on my phone lol.

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