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Day 1 New York – Departure

So I figured I’d try to blog as I go rather than blog about my entire trip afterwards…which then leads to procrastination, and then I end up posting about it weeks later.

Pooh and I got up today at 5am to get ready for our 7:30am flight. Luckily we we packed a few days ahead so we were all ready to go. No frantic packing and searching for last minute items to take on our trip. It was a pretty chill morning lol.

We got to the airport and flew by luggage check-in and security. I guess it’s a good thing we had an early flight. We went straight to the bar and had a gigantic shot before we boarded our flight. Normally my anxiety is through the roof while waiting to board and while waiting for the flight to take off, but I was on a good one. 😏.

Take off was probably the easiest I’ve ever had. We sat next to the nicest lady and we were talking about her recent trip to Japan and that we are planning to one in a few months. We also went on about food and places to eat so it helped me get my mind off the flight. Before we knew it we were in the air and now I’m waiting this post. I didn’t prepare myself with enough stuff to keep me busy during the 6 hour flight. I downloaded a bunch of songs and a couple episodes of anime but that’s pretty much it. I brought my Switch but it sucks playing Smash Bros offline.

Todays flight had a complimentary breakfast. Yum. I was disappointed they didn’t serve alcohol on our flight…I guess it was “too early”. Meh. 😒. Glad we had our shot before the flight to calm my nerves.We arrived an hour and a half earlier than expected. Landing was nice n smooth. And now we’re in a taxi on our way to our hotel. I’m so excited for this New York Adventure! 😁😁😁



I haven’t posted about it…not that I can recall… but I’ve been having trouble sleeping. It’s 3am and my mind keeps wandering. Yes, perhaps my phone is distracting me and I’m up because I’m on my phone looking at random shit and typing this but even when I decide to lay down and close my eyes I find myself taking forever to fall asleep. When I do it’s at around 3-4am….and then I have to get up for work in just 4 hours. Le sigh. Guess I’ll try to sleep now. lol. Gnite 😪😴😪


New Korean Spot In Fashion Valley Mall

Pooh and I pretty much stayed in all weekend since I wasn’t feeling well. I’ve been having migraines all week and so this weekend I kind of wanted to just chill and lay down most of the time.

Saturday night a few friends came over for some drinks after work and we called it an early night.

On Sunday we spent the entire day as couch potatoes watching show after show on Netflix and some movies in between. I fell asleep somewhere during. lol.

Monday we decided to get some fresh air and be somewhat productive. We leave for New York on Wednesday morning so we had to pack and get our house nice and tidy for our house/dog sitter. We also wanted to do some shopping so we got some cute outfits for our trip. 😁 We didn’t go overboard since we figured we’ll do shopping when we’re at New York, but there was a sale at Top Man so we picked up a few things. lol.

While we were at Fashion Valley Mall we decided to grab lunch at a new Korean spot called Bibigo Kitchen. Although it’s not quite authentic Korean food, I’d say more like modern Korean inspired, the flavors were very good and the plating/presentation was very pleasing to the eye. The seasonal fruit kimchi salad was so refreshing and flavorful. I should of snapped a photo of Pooh’s food because it looked really good too.

We also ordered a sampler platter of their dumplings….which were absolutely delicous. I loved that they had a crispy sear on the bottom and yet a soft texture on the top part. Some places cook them too much to the point where they’re rubbery or dry These were perfect! I wish I ordered more! The photo of the dumplings above doesn’t do em justice at all.

We were a bit disappointed because we wanted to order some alcohol but they said they were still waiting for their liquor license. Womp womp. We’ll back to try some of their alcohol filled drinks though!


Sorry I haven’t posted much this week. I’ve been feeling under the weather. I’ve got some things I’ll be uploading today after we run our errands and we’ll have a bunch of stuff to post about from our trip to New York this week. I’m so excited! I can’t wait for New York! 😁😁😁



It’s been about 5 years since our last trip to New York. We’ll be back for vacation at the end of May up to the first week of June. The last time we went, it was during the Polar Vortex lol. We still had lots of fun exploring New York in the freezing snow. Here’s some photos from our last trip. 😁



I am loving that there are more and more films, shows, movies etc with asians as the leads in the mainstream. Finally getting out of the stereotypical roles of smart nerdy friend/side character and Chinese delivery guy.



So, I guess it’s gonna be a thing on my blog since Pooh has tons of these…there’s also videos lol. I’ll let you guys know when I upload em to my member’s section.



This rainy weather makes me want to just stay in bed all day. 😴😪😴


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