I was hoping to post more bout our trip last weekend but this work week has kicked my ass since I took a few days off work. I just wanted do absolutely nothing when I’d come home from work. Hopefully this weekend will be nice and quiet. Most of our friends are going to be in Palm Springs for Pride so it’ll be nice to stay in, rest, and do some blogging.

I’m still waiting on my merchant account application to go through and I can finally get my members section live! It can’t believe it’s almost going to finally happen after so many years of holding it off. Oh, and good news…I just got my fictitious business name registered! For those of you that will sign up for paid membership it’ll show up via my fictitious business name…which is my blog’s names initials followed by Inc. It will not be posted on my blog so it won’t be easily searched (for those of you that want to be discreet about following my gay ass blog lol.)

My work week is finally almost over…just a few more hours and in an enjoy the weekend!

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