My blog is a bit random, but I’ve decided to give it a little bit of direction. I love writing so I thought it’d be cool if I ran my blog like an online magazine. I would usually run into a block and couldn’t think of what to write about or post, so this will definitely help me produce more content and update my blog more often. This new member’s section will contain a lot more in depth posts and articles, with lots and lots of pictures and videos! EXCITING RIGHT?! I’ve listed below the main categories I’ll be posting about. If there’s stuff you’d like me to write about, I’d live to know!

*Member’s Section will be a monthly paid subscription service.*

Events & Travel: Hotels, events, places to go, where to eat when you travel, and of course events we’ve attended and places we’ve traveled!

Fashion & Shopping: Deals, sites to shop, clothes, brands, looks, models, things to buy, what to wear, things I’ve bought and clothes that I wear. 

Food & Drinks: Restaurants, food, drinks, cocktails, recipes, and our very very very very many food adventures!

Love: Our forever growing love story, relationship advice, and everything there is to know about US.

Sex Life: Advice, stories, experiences, tips & tricks…we all have sex, it’s part of life…we’re just a little more open about it.

Fitness & Grooming: From hair, face, chest, shoulders, arms, abs, legs, all the way down to your toes! Pooh will share his work out secrets – workouts diet etc.

Entertainment: Music, TV, Movies, Anime, Celebrities

Gadgets & Gaming: Video Games, peripherals, electronics, gadgets, cool guy stuff!

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