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Pooh and I are very lucky to have friends that got us tickets to Comic-con. Unfortunately, we had work on Friday and Saturday so we were only able to attend Sunday. We were still able to squeeze in as much as we could in just the 1 day though. We didn’t see any panels or anything like that but I enjoyed just walking around to see all of the cool booths/exhibits; people watching is also always good of course. I love seeing all types of cosplay. I wish I had the time to put something together. Maybe next year. :) I really wanted to pick up some Blizzard/Overwatch stuff but the line was gigantic. I didn’t want to spend most of my time in just 1 line when we only had 1 day to enjoy comic-con.

After a lapping the convention center about twice, we decided it was time to leave and find the nearest bar…because yknow, it was hot and we were getting thirsty. Parched. :)

Comic-con Sunday then slowly shifted into Sunday Funday…and you all know how much fun we have during Sunday Funday! :)



Pooh and I had an incredible SD pride weekend!  It was great to see our friends from all over and from SD get together in one spot.   I also ran into some of my blog followers.  It’s always great meeting people that actually read my blog!  One of my blog followers said hi to me at Rich’s and said that my blog really helped him out.  He said he was very appreciative and thankful for my blog.  Hearing stuff like that really means a lot to me.  I’m happy to know that people can take something from my blog, where it be inspiration or entertainment/information.  I’m also very happy to know that people actually still read my blog lol. 

 I unfortunately missed the pride parade on Saturday but we went to the Festival on Saturday and Sunday.   We watched Estelle and our friend Paris perform on Saturday, and Tinashe and Envogue on Sunday.  We had a lot of fun at the Festival on both nights but I kind of blacked out and don’t remember Tinashe.  Lol.  Oops.  Paris was great and beautiful as ever.  Estelle was amazing and so funny!  I don’t remember watching Tinashe but everyone said I seemed to be enjoying it since I was dancing lol.  Envogue sounded so good…like dang they brought that shit back!  After the festival’s we all went home to power nap, rest, and freshen up for the night time festivities. 

Last year the lines to all the bars and clubs in Hillcrest were so long that we couldn’t get in anywhere, so this year we bought the VIP pass for Rich’s.  Unfortunately, they reached capacity on Saturday and we still ended up having to wait in line for an hour and a half.  We had a blast once we got in though.  

The weekend flew by so fast.  Wish it didn’t end so soon.  It was sad having to say goodbye to our friends that lived far away.  We had Monday and Tuesday off so it was nice to just relax and hang out with our friends before they headed back home.  

 I tend to forget to take pictures when we’re having so much fun.   I wish I took more pictures and videos, but at least we made a lot of good memories.  Here’s a bunch of pictures from our SD Pride Weekend!





We had a BBQ party with a bunch of our friends for 4th of July.  We had so much food!  Some friends showed up pretty late but perfect timing…they brought enough food for us to make dinner!  Man were we in a food coma afterwards.  So full!  ???  I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend!  ?


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