It’s frikkin beautiful.   I picked it up right before we left for Vegas on Friday.  I love It!  Already took it to the pool and in the shower to test its water resistance.  Jacking off in the shower will be so much more fun!  Don’t worry, I’ll try to conserve water and watch short Tumblr porn.  Aside from the water resistance, it’s much like my S7.  The camera takes beautiful photos, it’s fast and responsive, and the huge screen is awesome.   Viewing webpages and videos (especially porn) on this screen, although just a bit bigger, is a noticably enhanced and pleasurable experience.  I haven’t been able to play with it much since we spent most of the time partying in Vegas.  I’m so happy I didn’t lose it or break it this weekend!  Let’s hope this screen lasts much longer than the last 3 phones I had this last year.  Lol.  

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