Pooh and I attended Coachella the past 2 years (Wknd2).  I really want to go this year but there’s so much we want to do this year that I don’t know if we’ll be able to go.  It’s pretty expensive to go…couple hundred on tickets, couple hundred on lodging, couple hundred for food/liquor/etc…shit’s pricy.  Pooh wants to start traveling more so rather than spend money on stuff like Coachella…he wants us to save up so we can visit Japan and various other places on his to do list.  So I guess I’ve gotta finally renew my passport so we can be traveled or something.  LOL.  Just one thing…I hate flying.  Hopefully I’ll get over it…or will be heavily intoxicated or sedated enough to make it through the flight.   I’m kind of excited though, my blog used to be full of exciting new adventures when I first started, but things seem to have slowed down since my dailyand weekly routine has gotten repetitive…so maybe this will be a nice change of pace.  :)  

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