Happy New Year!  My my, where has the time gone?!  Anyway, I’m back!  I hope you guys missed me.  :)  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!  I had an OK Christmas and an amazing New Year.  For NYE, Pooh and I had a bunch of friends come to our place for a little pajama onsie party that only a handful of people participated in.  Oh well.  We all had fun though!  

Other exciting news – I finally got my phone fixed!


It’s the result of my crazy partying and leaving it in my back pocker; the booty too hard.  My rear camera was busted, my screen cracked/shattered, and I just hated using my jacked up phone altogether.  It was broken for quite some time actually.  A couple months!  Each time I was thought about having to pay my  $175 deductible (since I have insurance on my phone) something would come up that I’d rather pay for. 

Anyway, I have lots of pictures I’ve been wanting to post so don’t be surprised to see random Posts of Christmas trees, food, and my penis in the next couple of days.  :)

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