This is a super late post.  Those of you that follow my instagram know already, but yea, we got a new car! Pooh and I  purchased ourselves a nice lil Mercedes Benz for Christmas.  Felt so nice to buy ourselves a nice car without any help from our parents.  We were thinking about leasing a 2015 but we wanted to “own” and not have to worry about mileage each year.  We bought a 2013 C250 Sport that had all of the extras, bells, and whistles.  We got a 5 year maintenance package and are planning on selling it and getting another car when it ends.  It was a previously leased vehicle with less than 14k miles on it and a huge upgrade from both of our cars.  Pooh had a Toyota Celica and I had a Toyota Matrix.  We were so excited and so very happy.  2014 was definitely a great year!  Merry Christmas and happy new year to us for sure!!!

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