Sorry I’ve been MIA!  My WordPress App on my phone didn’t seem to let me upload photos directly from my phone to WordPress (It still doesn’t), so I haven’t been able to post much.  I’m not sure what it is; could possibly be because my M8 takes huge photos and it will not upload via my App…but it allows me to upload my photos to my Google Photos/Picasa, and then share from my Picasa to my WordPress App Media Files, and then from there I can add my media files to my posts.  Its so many frikkin steps just to post right now it’s annoying.  I’ve also been quite a busy boy because of EDC in Vegas, moving to a new place the week after, 4th of july, and another trip to Vegas this past week.  I’ll be posting about all these things since I have so many pictures!

Anyway, a couple weeks ago Pooh and I went to Del Mar Fair with our buddy David.  We had so much fun and ate so much deep fried disgustingly bad for you food…it was amazing!

I really just wanted to go for the Turkey Leggs…but I had that and a root beer float, a banana split, grilled corn, fried twinkies, a waffle dog, italian sausage, and a swirl potato thing.  I was still afterwards!  I love fair food…so happy Pride SD is coming up.  All these food stands are usually there!


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