Playstation Now will be able to stream popular PS3 titles on the PS4 and PS3 (eventually on the PSVita as well).  For those of you with multiple consoles, like me,  this will allow you to play ps3 titles on your vita on the go and also enjoy your favorite ps3 games on your ps4.  There are other advantages of using Playstation Now but being able to play their rumored large library of games on both the vita and ps4 sounds appealing.

For those of you that purchased a PS4, I guess it’s their way of allowing some kind of backwards compatibility?   I’m not too sure how exactly it’ll work out but it sounds promising.  However, whether or not there will be a delay in button response or lag in gameplay, as well as how it’ll perform graphically are still questionable as they do not have any footage aside from a demo using a local network connection.  I’m still excited about it and it looks like they’ll be doing an open beta soon.  Where do we sign up?!  For more info visit their blog below.

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