Pooh and I went to Great Maple tonight for dinner. I loved it! We’ve heard good things about the place. It seems the thing to try is their maple bacon donuts…made fresh to order! Unfortunately, they’re only made during lunch/brunch…so we weren’t able to try them.

We started with cocktails, of course. I got the Raspberry Old Fashioned and Pooh got the Two of a Pair.

We tried the Shrimp Ceviche to start. It was a nice sampling of what was to come. The flavors were nice and bold…and had a good amount of heat.

Pooh had the Pork Chops. They were on a bed of this heavenly crusted yam and potatoes concoction… I have no idea what it was but it was amazing!!! I was asking Pooh if he knew what it was since he saw it on the menu but he said he was just saw Pork Chops and said “I want that one!”. -_-…

I got the Fig & Pig. It was a rich and buttery pork belly topped with crunchy potato and yam strings…drizzled with this sweet and savory sauce with hints of Gorgonzola cream to cut into the sweetness. It was divine!

I can’t wait to come back for brunch. It’s a completely different menu and they serve maple bacon donuts…which everyone told me I HAVE to try!

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