Pooh and I just got the Google Nexus 10 in the mail today.  I absolutely love it! 
One feature that they’ve added that I really like is multiple user support.  Since we don’t need 2 tablets, it’s nice to be able to switch to my profile and have all my accounts already logged into my apps and vice versa.  Switching users is as quick and simple as unlocking the screen. 

The 2560×1600 high resolution screen and powerful processor displays images and video beautifully.  They were also very smart in designing the tablet with front facing speakers, which makes watching porn a fully pleasurable experience!

The Nexus 10 comes with the latest version of Android (4.2).  The interface is clean and fully customizable.  I prefer the Nexus 10 much more than our old Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Pooh and I also picked up an HDMI cable to see how the tablet displayed on our TV.  Since the screen on the Nexus 10 has a high def 2560×1600 resolution, displaying on our TV was like a mirror image.  The images on both screens were in high def.  Videos and apps played seamlessly. 

There’s still much more for me to try out on it but so far so good!  I’m definitely satisfied with the Nexus 10 and I highly recommend it.  Droid users will love it and I can see a lot of iPad/iPhone users liking it as well. 

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  1. Tommy says:

    I have an iPad 1 and I am considering something different…this may be a good choice for sure.

    • Tiggah says:

      I think the moment you get the nexus 10 you’ll love it! I think the iPhone and ipad are great devices….they’re pretty and user friendly…but tech savvy and advanced users would appreciate more of what the nexus 10 has to offer. Some people are so into the fact that they’re an “iPhone user only” that they forget that as a consumer they can buy devices outside of the apple store. The funny thing is some of my friends had an iPhone and had to switch to droid because they either lost their phone or something and they ended up loving their droid replacement. I recommend looking into the nexus 10 and 7 for sure!! Lemmie know if you do!

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