Pooh and I went to Boiling Crab in SD. This one’s located in Mira Mesa. It’s a bit of a drive for us and I hate the traffic on Mira Mesa Blvd, but we thought we’d give it a try. The service was pretty friendly. Pooh and I love spicy food so we ordered our Shrimp with THE WHOLE SHABANG at XXX and a side of rice.

Crab Hut vs Boiling Crab? I loved that Boiling Crab’s shrimp were bigger and better quality, but the XXX sauce wasn’t quite as spicy as I’d like it. It was delicious, but not very spicy. I actually prefer Crab Hut’s sauce mainly because it’s spicier. I would love to have Boiling Crab’s shrimp in Crab Hut’s sauce. Mmmmm yum!!! I also like that Boiling Crab gives limes with their salt n pepper; Crab Hut gives lemons. The only thing that would make me prefer one over the other would be the ridiculous wait time for Boiling Crab, and they run out by the time your 2 hour wait is over. I think they are both delicious in their own way and I’d still go to both. It’s nice to actually have options in sd. “BOILING CRAB has a wait time of 2 hours, ok let’s go to Crab Hut on Convoy…oh wait it’s packed. Ok let’s go to Crab Hut in downtown.”

Which do you prefer?

What do you think?

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