Pooh and I decided to try a new place to eat for dinner tonight. We went to Azuki Sushi and I am very happy we did! They had a nice selection of sushi and specials, each unique and intriguing. I wanted to try them all! I really liked the flavors in each of the rolls we had. The sauces weren’t overpowering and complimented the natural fresh flavors of the fish. I highly recommend checking this place out! The “Are You Kidding Me?!” Roll is definitely a must try! The fried onions atop a bed of dressed greens made this dish my favorite. Not only was the salad amazing, so was the sushi!


The “On The Border” Roll was delicious! I loved that there was a bit of spicy and bold flavors yet the fish was able to shine.


The Bonsai roll was interesting, in a good way. It was sweet yet savory and the crunchy toppings gave it that little extra something.


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