My birthday was this past Friday, April 20th.  Pooh took me out for a lovely dinner at Searsucker after work.  We’ve been meaning to check the place out for some time now so we were both excited to finally try it.

We started with the Shrimp & Bacon Grits.  They were absolutely amazing.  I honestly loved them much more than my entree.  The flavors were so bold and it had just the right amount of heat and spiciness.  Though the grits weren’t completely loaded with bacon, the bacon flavor was very present and made everything taste frikkin amaze balls.


Pooh ordered the Duck =)  I’m not really into Duck, but it was pretty yummy.  The dish wasn’t very complex but it’s simplicity helped make the main ingredients shine.


I ordered the Scallops.  They were delicious!  I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting the scallops that I saw on Yelp and on Searsucker’s website, but I still enjoyed my entree.  I love when my scallops have a strong crisp sear.


Chocolate Lava cake for dessert!  It was so pretty I didn’t want to ruin it…but we dove right in!


Dinner with my boo was perfect!  After dinner we headed home to get dressed and ready for the night time birthday festivities!

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