Q.) Hey Tigga, I’m currently just getting into my 1st ever relationship I just wanted to see what you had to go through when you 1st started dating your boo, did you see him alot and things like how did you know he was good, like the one?
–  orcababy

A.) Sorry for the late response.  Congrats on the relationship!  I wish you both the best!

As for your questions…well with us, we were best friends before we even started dating.  So we hung out all time, and when we got together we were inseparable.  There wasn’t any real way of knowing he was the one at first…we just took it one day at a time and played it by ear.  After a while you just know…

You can’t force love and you can’t rush it.  If it’s meant to be it’ll happen.  We both just happened to be on the same page and complimented each other’s personalities well.  We’ve been through a lot…like huge crazy fights and we’ve had lots of hard times…but we got through all of it together.  I guess that’s where you know when he’s the one…the one that will fight for your relationship and never give up on it.  =)

–  Tiggahtigz

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