Pooh and I had an amazing time this weekend! We decided to do something a little less crazy this year. We figured that we should celebrate our anniversary by doing a romantic getaway. So we went to Palm Springs to relax and just enjoy our time together. We were supposed to leave on Monday to party in Weho for Halloween but we enjoyed it so much we decided to stay till Tuesday and do Halloween in Palm Springs.

We stayed at Escape, a gay resort hotel that’s been recently renovated. A friend of mine highly recommended it so we thought we’d try it out. We wanted to go to a gay hotel that was nice, cute, classy, and not “cruisy” (…if you know what I mean). We checked in on Saturday and were pleasantly surprised with the property and how cute the rooms were. I absolutely loved our room. It was pretty large and the bed was SOOOOO comfy! It was fully equipped with a nice TV, Sofa, Kitchen, Microwave, Fridge, Private Patio, etc. The pool was also very relaxing and was heated! We spent A LOT of the time in the pool during the day and once the sun went down we were in the hot tub just relaxing the night away. Our resort was hosting a Halloween party for a couple of the resorts on Saturday night. There was a costume contest, free alcohol and food, and we got wristbands that let us “party” hop the nearby resorts. It was nice because it let us see what the other resorts were like and we got to meet a lot of cool people. Pooh and I made quite a few friends during our stay in Palm Springs. Everyone was really nice and friendly! After the Halloween party we all got out of our costumes and just had a ourselves a pool/hot tub party. One thing I loved about Palm Springs is that the pool and hot tub are open 24/7!

We didn’t really get to try out much of the restaurants in the area since we were spending so much time just lounging at the pool. Maybe next time we’ll try to find a nice place to eat. Any recommendations? Instead of checking out on Monday, we decided to stay another night. We went to the Halloween Block Party on Arena’s Blvd in Downtown Palm Springs. It definitely was not as crazy as Weho’s Halloween party, but it was still very fun!

Pooh and I had such an awesome time and definitely needed this getaway. We’ve been partying so much lately that it was a nice change of pace to just relax and do nothing. I can’t wait to go back to Palm Springs! Oh and how amazing is it that Pooh and I won the Halloween Costume Contest at the party our Resort was throwing?! We won a free stay at the resort =) Hopefully we can use it sometime soon.

Here’s some pictures from the weekend! Pooh and I had some “sexy time”, but unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures. I tried taking video but horribly failed at it. It’s pretty hard to hold my phone to record the action while getting pounded extremely hard. Lol I guess I should get a tripod…or a camera man. *shrugs*

  • el toro bumingo
    November 4, 2011

    Happy Anniversary to you guys! I’m so happy for the both of you. You’re such an inspiration for PLU. There is indeed a working relationship for PLU :)

  • john
    November 4, 2011

    you guys redefined the meaning of Halloween…you made it valentines day!!!!! haist!!! sweeeeeetttt!!!!!!

  • robin
    November 5, 2011

    happy A!
    when’s the next installment of your story?

  • AJ
    November 7, 2011

    Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! :D Wow, what an inspiration. I would’ve loved to see that video of you getting pounded hard by Pooh though ;)