Pooh and I have recently been on the hunt for the best and most amazing authentic Japanese food in San Diego.  There are tons of Japanese restaurants over here, but most of them are not quite “authentic” and are Americanized with fancy overpriced sushi and a limited array of “so-so” dishes.  I LOVE food so I definitely don’t mind trying every Japanese restaurant in the San Diego!

Let’s start by going to one of me and Pooh’s favorite places to go when we can’t think of where to go for dinner.  Kiki Sushi in Hillcrest is, in my opinion, very under appreciated and overlooked.  Perhaps it’s because their logo looks just like the Kinko’s logo, or maybe because the place is pretty tiny.  I tend to think that some of the most amazing food comes from the small “hole’s in the wall” type places.  I’ve been to ton’s of fancy restaurants with pretty ostentatious interiors and paid a huge bill for the crappiest dinner.  Looks definitely aren’t everything!  With aesthetics set aside, this place has always been consistent and I’ve never had a bad experience.  The food is always delicious and our servers are always friendly.  They have a pretty good happy hour with specials on sake and rolls.  The food is adequately priced and the portions are pretty huge.  Yummy food at a great price!  I highly recommend trying the Khunda Roll, Kiki Roll, Kiwi Roll, and Sumo Roll.  I also recommend the Hamachi Kama, but just know that they run out of it often.  Although Kiki might not have the most amazingly mind blowing dishes, it’s deceptive simplicity gives it all the more charm.

Pooh and I actually had dinner at Kiki Sushi night.  We ordered the Kiki Roll, Salmon Roll, and Salmon Kama (because they were out of the Hamachi Kama).  It was delicious as usual.  =)




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