SF PRIDE 2011!!!


I’ve finally uploaded pics from our trip to SF!  It was so awesome running into and meeting a lot of my online social network buddies!  I hope to see you guys at SD Pride!

In case you don’t follow my Twitter/Tumblr, a quick recap…

– Drove from SD to LA Thursday night…stayed with our friends so the drive wouldn’t be so long the next day.  Had a night cap =)

– Drove from LA to SF on Friday early in the morning.  Arrived in SF around 1pm and checked into our beautiful hotel – The W.  Ate at some random Chinese restaurant.  OMFG driving in downtown SF is crazy!  No wonder no one drives!

– Friday, drinks at the hotel and went out with friends to Castro.  I really don’t remember most of the night but I think we were at Trigger?  Ran into lots of friends from SF!  Also met a couple blog followers.  HIIIIII! *waves*

– Saturday, drinks at the hotel, pink party, club/bar hopping…wuhoo!!!!….oh and sex with the boo haha!  rrRRr hot!

– Sunday, shopping – new pants, jacket, shirts, shoes, random fun, drinks, festival, exhausted, pool, jacuzzi, drinks at the hotel, pass out.

– Monday, checked out of our beautiful hotel, Fisherman’s Wharf, clam chowder, mini donuts, crab cocktail, shrimp cocktail, bought new cell phone case, candy, Ghiardelli, final goodbyes, drive to SD, pit stops, more food…arrive in SD…BIG HUGS WITH GIZMO…night cap.

PHEW!  Man, I need to just start recording everything on video.

For the SF Pride 2011 Gallery, click below =)