So I recently turned 28…thought it’s about time I post some pics of Tigguhh as a 28 year old.


(The following is intended for viewers ages 18 and older. Do not continue if you are not of age or know if you know me personally and don’t want to get traumatized. :P)

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  1. anon says:

    Great pics.

  2. It’s indeed huge! I love it! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. manz says:

    hot !!!
    greeting from Malaysia!

  4. pinoywatcher says:

    love it!
    love yah!

  5. eon says:

    been a lurker for quite a long while. just wanted to greet you a happy birthday. :) very hot.

  6. jorge chan says:

    just beautiful, congratulations for those 28, greetings from Veracruz, Mexico, bye.

  7. Anonymous says:

    OMG You really look good naked

  8. Paul says:

    deeeeym… If only I could see you with the toy you picked out last time… LOL

  9. James says:

    You look fantastic!!! But when are you going to cum for us? ;)


  10. Dessmond says:

    Happy birthday… keep posting these hot hot hot pics
    P/S: will be a bonus if Pooh is involve

  11. ikotoki says:

    Holy. You’re hot.

  12. Paul says:

    BTW, have you been using that toy lately? or did Pooh help you out? just curious :)

  13. red says:

    greetings! happy bday to yah! love the pics… so hot!

  14. happy birthday kuya. ayos sa pics. :p

  15. Constantin says:

    Happy Birthday from France!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday!
    The “suit” looks just fine!!!
    May you continue to enjoy health, happiness, good fortune and every good gift.
    all the best

  17. maccallister says:

    happy bday! and that’s a great treat for us!hahaha

  18. miguel says:

    happy birthday tiggah! and tigguh.:)

    do you have dance videos we can watch on youtube?

  19. kyle says:

    hi! happy birhtday! nice shots…when will you have naked pics of you and pooh? just asking :-) from philippines here

  20. Mcneil says:

    Happy birthday pooh… Nice licking cock

  21. Mcneil says:

    Sorry. It should be tiggs… Not poh hehehe

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sexy no matter what age you are =D

  23. Anonymous says:

    Post one with pooh!!! Hes a hot piece!!

  24. enjebar says:

    God…u are a blessing…
    (downloaded some pics of u before…fantasized about it so much…hehehe…thanks…(enjebar from the philippines)

  25. Tommy says:

    Great blog, I have followed it for a couple of years.

  26. maccallister says:

    what a great banana!!! LOL:-)

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