Pooh and I had lunch in Pacific Beach today since the weather was frikkin amazing!  We felt like sushi but unfortunately all the sushi joints were closed on Mondays.  Instead of being indecisive like we usually are, we just randomly picked a place nearby.  We ended up going to Kafe Yen.  We grabbed a seat outside and had ourselves a delicious meal.  The Vietnamese Spring Rolls were refreshing and perfect for the sunny weather.  I loved my dish but I made a horrible decision in ordering an 9 out of 10 spiciness when we were dining in the burning sun. 

After lunch we went shopping.  Since the weather has been amazing lately, we got some cute new tank tops and tees to show off Pooh’s bulging muscles and to reaffirm that I need to work out more.  I also finally picked up a pair of shoes for work.  I’ve been shopping for work shoes forever but kept picking up sneakers instead.  I would get so easily distracted.  It almost happened again today! 

I wanted to pick up some new undies but didn’t see anything I liked.  I was thinking of doing some online shopping.  Anyone have any recommendations of sites to shop?  I like stuff like Ginch Gonch Jocks, Baskit briefs, H&M boxer briefs…yknow stuff them cute GoGo-Boys would wear out to dinner.  Something classy.  ;P

  • elmerlovesoreo
    April 5, 2011

    The food looks delicious. I love the photography! What brand and model of camera are you using btw?

  • Brett
    April 5, 2011

    Hey, it’s topless Tues. what the hell tigg. lol! Jk.