Monday Funday



Pooh and I are currently enjoying cocktails at the Altitude Sky Bar atop the Marriott in downtown.  It’s so nice and relaxing!  I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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6 Comments to “Monday Funday”

  1. Is that an iced tea? It looks very refreshing. Nice view of the stadium! What brand and model of camera did you used?

  2. eemran says:

    i wanna wish you happy birthday 1st!

  3. Isaac says:

    For my Monday Funday…took some friends went to Mo’s for DragRace. It was fun, but i felt so bad for that Drag Queen who’s audio skit kept on getting messed up. Although it did make the situation really funny…

  4. Isaac says:

    @Tiggah: I’m going to be there tomorrow for the Finale!!!! It should be a good show…gonna be there early so we can get a good table :] I’ll say ‘Hi’

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