Pooh and I picked up this awesome Popsicle set at Crate & Barrel this weekend.  We decided to try it out tonight so we looked up some recipes and whipped something together.  We went with a simple but delicious recipe for our first try.  They're in the freezer right now.  I can't wait to have one!

Avocado Coconut Popsicles:
- Avocado
- Coconut Milk (we went with Silk's Soy Coconut Milk w/ Vanilla)
- Whipping Cream
- Sugar (we used Splenda instead)
- Mix/blend to desired consistency

I hope you guys try this recipe out for yourselves.  You can also just serve this minus the whipping cream over ice.  My mom used to make something similar for me as a kid.  Enjoy!

  • anon
    March 23, 2011

    Those molds are really nice, but I think I like my Popsicle molds better. Its the “Easy Freeze and Spin Popsicle” molds that they used to market to kids in the nineties. Imagine what you could do with a phallic shaped popsicle that spins.

  • elmerlovesoreo
    March 23, 2011

    You’re probably referring to “Ice Buko” or “Ice Candy” which is very similar to Popsicle. You place your favorite fruit drink in a narrow piece of plastic and then you let it freeze inside the refrigerator and voila! An “Ice Candy”.

  • anon
    March 23, 2011

    No, actually “Easy Freeze and Spin Popsicle” is the name of the molds because they attached to a battery operated handle that spins the popsicle.

  • Paul
    April 5, 2011

    The recipe is so Pinoy! hahaha

    Try this recipe too :)

    orange juice, some watermelon cubes (seeded of course), banana slices (Don’t get any ideas LOL), mango cubes (use Philippine mangoes if they are available), and some melon cubes…
    fill the molds first with the fruit bits before you add the orange juice. It will look super tropical once you pull them out of the molds. Not to mention it tastes like a real tropical fruit salad :)