I’ve been playing this game every night.  It’s so much fun!

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5 Comments to “MvC3”

  1. Tommy says:

    I know so has Oliver…He loves it as well. You guys need to play online together. :)

  2. I love the Marvel vs. Capcom game. Hope I could play the latest reincarnation too :)

  3. Constantin says:

    Is it possible to play online?

  4. braces1216 says:

    Cool game you have!! I’m a fan of both Marvel and Capcom =)
    Check! It’s great there! =)
    Or like us on Facebook!

  5. CeeJay Z. says:

    It is so much fun, Im a big fan of your blog, porn and video games, add me, maybe when can play together, cjz305 ;)

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