So….I tried out my new toys today.  Wow.  I guess you can say I had A LOT of fun with myself.  It hurt so good.  :)

Hmm I’ve been getting a couple messages about my previous post.  I don’t think I’ve ever posted pictures on my blog of me using any of my toys.  Perhaps I should to post pictures soon. ;) 

  • anon
    December 2, 2010

    Are you really going to do that or are you trying to torture us?

  • miguel
    December 2, 2010

    oh dear! tigga, that would be the BEST XMAS GIFT eveeer! :)


    hehe. happy holidays, buddy!

  • jay
    December 2, 2010

    yes! we all agree that you should post pics of you using them! and vids too! whatever happened to you doing that on here! =D lol

  • Louis
    December 3, 2010

    I have an idea… LOL what if you take those pictures, print them out (after you post them online) and then stick them in places in your house where Pooh could see them unexpectedly… like say the cupboard where he keeps his brush… hahaha just to tease him ;)

  • Isaac
    December 3, 2010

    That could be fun and new if you wanted to post those. I’m still waiting on more videos with Audio….I just remember the one where you introduced yourself and Pooh (super cute voice!!!)

  • Galanton
    December 6, 2010

    I’ll second that. I’d love to see pictures of a fantastic toy-fest. Start warming up the lube! :)

  • anon
    December 8, 2010

    i normally would never do this. so i don’t know why i am.

    so. i first saw your dancing videos. thought you were really really talented. i see that you have a twitter. click on it. almost immediately realize you’re in a gay relationship. see your tumblr. click it. and was like shit, a 9 year relationship.

    i have to say that is impressive for any relationship now a day. so i was curious and looked through some photos. holy crap, once again i was surprised. it looked like wow, this dude has his shit together. all the stereotypical stuff that they try to say about gay people that can sometimes be true, this dude is none of them. moment of pride for me.

    i thought: he is normal n stable, like he’s not putting his business out there, but still he’s not really hiding anything. there is some personal pics any straight couple would take of holding hands with the guy he’s with, a kiss here and there. but that’s still like any normal couple really, which is what impressed me. it seemed so normal. . . just a solid relationship, committed to each other, living together normally, all that. something I have never seen between a gay couple. first hand, at least. most I have personally seen have been confused messes of cheating, the farce that is an”open” relationships, exhibitionism behavior- (HEY! look what I can do!) and I’m NOT referring to TALKING intimately about their partner-, I’m talking sexually, physically exhibitionists, and that always made me go, ‘huh’.. i just always found it sad when any couple put their bedroom business out there. it cheapens it. makes it dirty, not special. points to the ‘somethings not right’
    i noticed that you wrote porn as one of your interests, which made me go “meh” because of the fact that porn is one of the most risky, deprived, emotionally draining things that (emotionally confused) people do (mostly for money). take it from someone who knows. but i didn’t really think too much of it. if you like to watch it whatever, a lot of ppl do.
    you can probably see where this is going.

    I eventually got led through links to this blog and I lost a lot of respect for you, your partner, and your relationship. Like a complete 180 in 20 minutes.

    There goes what I had in my head of your normal, functioning, relationship.
    You write in here you both consider porn, show pictures with porn stars, videos of porn. then you show naked pictures of yourself. Looks like you have an addiction and a problem. (I think with alcohol as well as pornography, but I’m not going to come from all sides. just saying. alcohol severely impacts judgment so this may not all be conscious).
    The pictures of yourself… why do you feel the need to show people that part of you? if you are in a healthy, functioning relationship, does your guy really want you showing your dick to anyone who would on a whim want to see it? you know what, scratch that, if you were in a healthy state of mind. there is stability and normalcy in saving that part of yourself for your lover, because that’s the ONE thing exclusive to a lover. the one thing that nobody else (should) get to have or see. porn makes it something completely different.
    What part of you is so fucked up that you honestly don’t care? is it a cry for attention? you say you’re depressed a lot… ever stop to really think why? I don’t know you. I don’t know what underlying problems you have. But pornography fucks kids up, especially kids who watch it under aged, and you my friend have been severely fucked up by it, believe it or not. You no longer have any respect or value for your body and look up to fucking porn stars as role models for your life… do you have any idea of the demons that chase porn stars? what they have to live with? and its all for the MONEY. Which, in most cases, they are severely lacking.. sometimes they are conned into it by a partner. in your case, you would be doing it… to do it. you don’t seemed deprived at all.. you actually seem… well off. even if you weren’t. it’s never worth it. porn is never worth it. never. but wait, here you are. doing it for the fuck of it. for attention. to join in. and what does “pooh” have to say about it?? i doubt anything since it sounds like he is fucked up in the same ways. where are his naked pictures though? didn’t see any. at least he still has a bit of self respect. would you even care if the world could see him naked if they wanted? fucking some dude? even fucking you??

    what about kids? do you ever want kids with “pooh”? do you realize what a shit example you would lead? how would you feel if that was your dad?
    i know you are going to take this in a very negative way, but I had to say this and then step away. i know way too much about you in 2 hours and i think that’s very sad. also no ones calling for you to be a prude, but you’re showing beyond the top. a side that should be reserved for whomever you chose to be with. nothing to do with being shy, or alter egoes, or whatever you try to make it. its just sad that some random person on the internet has to be the one to tell you to stop before you fuck up your life.

    in an ideal world, you would stop where you are, never even consider where you are going with this. i guarantee you you will regret it.

  • Isaac
    December 8, 2010

    that last comment really came out of left field. Rude Much! Saying such things when there is no way he knows you. Especially since he was just browsing your profiles/websites for 20 minutes.
    Don’t get too upset about it Tiggah! I luv reading your blog and looking at pics about your life, and sex/exhibition is a part of your life and you just feel comfortable enough to really put it out there. That’s being true to yourself and not trying to live the life that people ‘want’ you to live (like the ‘anon’….which is sad he didn’t have the balls to at least leave his name).

  • 13
    December 16, 2010

    @anon what a judgmental person. He quoted “its just sad that some random person on the internet has to be the one to tell you to stop before you fuck up your life.” & “i know way too much about you in 2 hours and i think that’s very sad” REALLY?! I don’t remember knowing anyone FULLY in just 2 hours. I think Anon is the sad one.

    Anyway, I totally respect someone who is in a committed relationship for such a long time. I, myself am trying to achieve that :)

  • Justin
    December 27, 2010

    lol wtfrench! lame alert!@anon