My heart was racing. Soft grunts and gentle moans were muffled as my lips pressed against his. Our lips locked and I could feel his tongue grace mine so very gently. It’s warmth and touch sent sweet tickles down my spine. The sound of our kisses and heavy breathing fueled the passion. I had jumped from the passenger seat on top of him, straddling his legs. He held me close and rubbed his hands up and down my sides and along my back. Our kisses were strong hard and passionate as I rubbed my body against his. We were gasping for air but didn’t care. I slowly grinded my crotch against his. I could feel his “hardness” throbbing through his shorts as it brushed against mine. I still remember the feeling of his soft silky basketball shorts against my jeans while I rode him. Our kisses grew harder and more passionate as we started grinding harder and faster. His hands caressed all over my body as mine too explored his. I was in ecstasy when his hands went up under my shirt and his cold hands tickled my skin. I felt my way down to his shorts and gripped his cock. I could feel it hard and long through his shorts. I was surprised and impressed…I wouldn’t say I’m a “size queen” but I’d like to say I enjoy myself a nice cock. (The asian stereotype is not always true *winks*).

I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable so I asked if he was “ok…with this…”. He smiled and said yes. I massaged it a bit outside of his shorts and then went for it. I put my hands in from under his shirt and rubbed his abs up to his chest…then went back down slowly. I tugged on the drawstring on his shorts and slipped my hands inside. I felt his warmth and I felt his hardness. His moans slipped through our lips while I kissed him and gently stroked it. I started going faster and faster…our moans grew louder…and we were breathing harder. I could feel his hands slip from my back down to my zipper. Then suddenly a bright light started shining down on our car. We could hear a helicopter in the sky. We were startled and looked around. To our relief the light moved from our car down to a car several spaces away from us. That car suddenly peeled out of the parking spot and the helicopter started following them. We could see the car zoom way down the street with the spot light locked right on it. We looked at each other for a couple seconds in silence…out of breath…and panting. He broke the silence. “Should we move?” he said.
“Yes!” I replied without hesitation.
He pulled out of the parking lot and we headed to a different spot.

This was the very first time Pooh and I ever got intimate. It was the first time I ever touched his lips. Did we “do it” that night? Unfortunately, no…but I’m glad we didn’t. It was fun but thoughts were swirling in my head. Pooh and Tiggah still didn’t exist yet. We were not official…we actually weren’t dating. Before this, Pooh and I would just sit in his car and talk about things. We got close. I felt like I could tell him things about my childhood and my family that were personal. Things that I couldn’t tell anyone else. I was happy that he was able to share these intimate things with me as well. We danced together so he was always there to take us to practice and home. We would usually take his car because his was better. =P We’d usually hang out after practice and just talk.

One night we parked in a lot next to a baseball field. I used to live in the Navy housing right next to it. When I was a kid, me and my friends would hang out at the park next to the baseball field. I was telling Pooh about some memories when I was a kid and playing at the park. It was nice. We were in his car and both had our seats reclined. I thought it’d be nice to open his moon roof so we can see the stars so I pulled it open and laid down. I looked up and all I could see was the reflection of our crotches. Knowing his view was the same as mine, I was embarrassed and quickly shut the slider to his moon roof. It was a bit awkward…but we laughed. We looked at each other for a bit…some reason we didn’t say anything. Then he kissed me. It took me a second to realize what had just happened. I didn’t know what to do…but I know I liked it…and I wanted it to happen. Was this my chance? Did the door swing right open for me to run in? If I don’t do anything…would this happen again? I smiled…then went in for another kiss. He took his hand and held my cheek while my lips gently pressed against his. I was in heaven. My heart was racing…and well, this brings us back to the beginning of my post.

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