I’ve been meaning to post about our trip to Analog Bar but just haven’t gotten around to doing so. Since I’m waiting for hundreds of photos to upload to Flickr, I figure I might as well do it now!

Pooh usually takes a 5-8 mile jog after work and always runs through downtown. He said that he’s always been curious about Analog Bar because it looked really nice inside and there would always be lots of people lined up outside. After checking out their website and their interesting menu, we decided to try it out for dinner.

Being the technopheliacs that we are, we were extremely excited to see drop down projector screens with playable PS3, XBOX 360, and Wii games. The interior was very hip, fun, and comfortable. We were really digging the restaurant/bar’s aesthetic and we didn’t get that snooty vibe that you get when you go to some downtown restaurants. We were definitely anxious to try their food…plus we were starving!

The menu had very interesting items. I wanted to try everything!

I ordered the Pan Seared Scallops. Friggin amazing dude! I could have preferred a bit more of a sear on some of the scallops but they were still delicious. The truffle infused sauce with sauteed mushrooms was so delicious that I literally cleaned the entire plate.

We both shared the Potato Spiral, which by the way is only $1.50 during happy hour and is OMG WOW DELICIOUS! Yes, I’m that excited about it. They were like fresh home made potato chips that came with a really tasty dipping sauce that they call “stereo sauce”.

Pooh ordered a Mac Daddy Burger. I didn’t taste it, but damn…

We really enjoyed our dinner. I would love to try it again soon. We just usually don’t go downtown much but we’d definitely go for Analog Bar! There’s still so many things on the menu that I want to try…like the LOBSTER CORNDOG!!!