Bathroom pics…yay!

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24 Comments to “ME AND MY ANDROID 3”

  1. soltero says:

    so damn HOTTT !!

  2. Quarkinator says:

    Methinks I’ve said this before, but…moar butt pics :D

    seemed to have toned up more since last month’s progress pics too.

  3. Hazen says:

    Great photos

    All I can say is that those of us who are bottoms look at you and say, “damn, its gonna hurt.”

  4. Mike says:


  5. eds says:

    wow x 3 ! kisses from belgium xxx

  6. Kris says:

    Now I know why pooh loves topping you :-) great but dude hehehe

  7. ikotoki says:


  8. Francis says:

    soo hooott

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hot! I love the cock shot.

  10. maccalister says:

    oh!good thing i drop by your blog today and seevnew photo uploads!yessssssssss!haha

    more dick shots pls!

  11. Paul says:

    Just wondering… since you are hard and all when you’re taking tigguh’s pics, what do you afterwards?

  12. erml says:


  13. apis says:

    i wanna see pooh

  14. ron says:


  15. david says:

    I just wanted to say that your blog is fabulous. Especially love naughty Tiggah. Stay naughty… David (from Australia)

  16. David says:

    You bet… Gay, gay, gay Sydney. You and Pooh should cum here sometime….David

  17. Dote says:

    Welcome to Thailans:-D

  18. proteus says:

    well, you hae reader from singapore too

  19. Phil says:

    Really hot. I jacked off on your pic.
    -Phil from Saudi Arabia

  20. pj says:

    you’re so hot and very confident with your body. love the pics! :-)
    -pj from philippines

  21. paul says:

    so hot:)i love seeing you in boxer briefs:)

  22. batang says:

    u are god!

  23. enjebar says:

    fantasized about you so much..hahaha…great blog… do take care…

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