Pooh and I had the most amazing weekend! We went to Las Vegas with our friends Kelly and Suki to just get away and enjoy ourselves since work has been stressing me out lately. It felt like we were there for a week! We did soooooooooo much and it was great to have our buddy Gian, who happens to live in Vegas, to show us around. I’ll be posting about our fabulous weekend getaway soon. Some highlights include club hopping Saturday night, meeting the beautiful Jujubee from Ru Paul’s Drag Race at Krave on Sunday night, getting mad crazy drunk, and shopping! :) Good times!

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  • jason
    May 8, 2010

    Hi Tiggah:
    For some reason the first two photos in the previous post and this photo show up on my screen as blank.
    Maybe there is something incompatible with my browser (IE) although I tried logging on from Firefox and still got the same blanks.
    Hope you are recovering from too much “fun” in Vegas.
    all the best