I just realized that in just 9 days, I turn 27. Time has seemed just fly by lately. I guess my hectic work and play schedule makes it difficult to take things slow – busy busy busy. I wish I could slow time down a bit. I really want to cherish every single moment.

  • Kevin
    April 11, 2010

    happy almost birthday!

  • Dhon
    April 12, 2010

    Advance Happy Birthday! xxx – Dhon

  • Bob
    April 12, 2010

    You’re so sute, you don’t look a day over 21!

  • Bob
    April 12, 2010

    “CUTE” not sute!

  • Leslie
    April 12, 2010

    Happy birthday. Advanced I should say

    • Tiggah
      April 12, 2010

      Thanks guys!

  • imcobblestoned/Mark
    April 13, 2010

    Oh SNAP! My birfday is the 17th! Dude happy birthday! It’s gonna be awesome! :D